A Project of Pakistan Air Force



  1. The applicant will fill up available printed Application for NOC and submit it at the Project Office mentioning the desired mode of NOC issuance, whether Normal or Urgent. (Kindly refer to Transfer Rates Link for further details of NOC Charges).
  2. After approval by the concerned authorities and submission of applicable NOC fee, NOC will be issued. (Approval time depends on mode of NOC issuance which is 24 hours i.e. next working day in case of Urgent and 3 working days in case of Normal)
  3. After the issuance of NOC, if the applicant has no outstanding dues till the date of transfer application, No Dues Certificate (NDC) will be issued to him / her. In case of any outstanding dues, the applicant will get a payment voucher for the same, on payment of which NDC will be issued.
  4. After issuance of NDC, applicant will fill up the printed Application for transfer and submit it at the Project Office again mentioning the desired mode of transfer, whether Normal or Urgent.
  5. Presence of Seller and Purchaser is mandatory at the transfer process in view of biometric, indemnities and picture requirements.
  6. In case the seller or Purchaser are unable to visit Fazaia office, they can also send their representative along with duly registered Power of Attorney, to be submitted with the transfer case. In such case the power of attorney will be verified and after verification file will be transferred.
  7. Indemnities will be given by the officer to both the parties (Seller & Purchaser) to be signed in presence of two witnesses.
  8. Complete set of Property File in original and the NDC must be present at the counter where biometric and picture of Seller and Buyer will be taken by the Client Service Officer and the File forwarded to the Transfer Officer for verification.
  9. After being approved, client will be given Transfer Fee Challan to deposit transfer fee upon the payment of which, transfer letter will be issued to the client. In case of normal transfer, it will take almost 15 days and in case of Urgent transfer 24 hours which will be the next working day. (For details of Transfer Rates of particular bungalow, kindly refer to Transfer Rates Link available on web).