Fazaia Housing Scheme, Moving a Step Ahead

Delivering what is promised is too mainstream, so Fazaia Housing Scheme is now moving a step ahead and getting ready to deliver more than that- state of the art marvel, surpassing all expectations and establishing new standards. How will they make it happen? Well, the journey has started already, by joining hands with globally acknowledged and celebrated construction giant, Shaanxi Foreign Economic & Trade Industrial Group Co., Ltd (SFETIC) of China. The customers of Fazaia Housing Scheme, Karachi must be overwhelmed by the news: signing of project development and construction contract between the two companies, provided SFETIC is also ranked No. 4 on Top 100 Competitive Enterprises in China. The honor was granted by the Chinese Construction Enterprises Management Association, in 2015.

The grandeur and magnificence of SFETIC is evident from the magnitude of projects undertaken by it: with more than 60 projects still underway in various parts of the world, including the ones in Shaanxi and other parts of China. Several enormous projects have been completed by SFETIC in record time, including a project of over 32 million sq. ft. constructed in a short span of two years (2012- 2014).

Apart from advancing and hurtling the construction of Fazaia Housing Scheme, Karachi. On one hand, it would strengthen the Pak- China relationship and harmony and on the other hand, would also provide development of a wonder for the customers of Fazaia Housing Scheme, Karachi- so the news is miraculous for the future residents in particular and for the people of Pakistan and China in general.

The customers of Fazaia Housing Scheme, Karachi will be able to experience the most lavish and distinguished living style in Pakistan, with completion of the project expected in record time. At Fazaia Housing Scheme, Karachi, we believe in delivering the best, and even better, a step ahead of the best—making every penny of your investment totally worth it.